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The Mad Hatter's Absinthe Party

The Mad Hatter's Absinthe Party

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48"x84" Triptych, Acrylic on Canvas (2017)

The culmination of the Mad Hatter and Sugar Cube pieces, we finally get to see into the absinthe party that the Hatter switches over to after tea time is over. And oh the hallucinations! The Caterpillar is smoking absinthe so who knows what that's doing to his perception of things, the talking flowers are using a Ouija board and staring in terror at the sky, the White Rabbit is hallucinating a fur trader with lots of little dead bunnies hanging from the tree and of course Alice is getting her hair done by the green fairies, a skinned Cheshire wrapped around her neck, smiling as usual!

Unfortunately the hallucinogenic properties of absinthe are myth, and here's some others!