Somewhere in some dark, dingy bar where the carpet is more like a smeared goo, and the bartender may accidentally drop his cigarette ash in your beer, Sean Dietrich’s creativity is hanging out. His creativity is absorbing the stories of the locals who have worked the factories for 30 years, had their legs blown off in some war, or are just reciting what the drugs are telling them to say after too many years and too many parties. After a while, and many drinks, this creative side calls Sean for a ride (usually at some unholy hour in the middle of the night, or just as the sun’s rising), and waits for Sean to pull up so he can slump back inside of his brain. Once back inside of him, Sean sets out to sift through that nights stories that are being relayed to him–twisting and mixing and fleshing out new paintings that bring a vibrant macabre and weirdness to the canvas.

From comics to gaming to live art at nightclubs to being one of the biggest artists in the Cannabis arena, Dietrich has proven that any industry can benefit from great art, and an artist that is willing to be there to help push that art into the spotlight. 

Some of the more notable companies that have taken a chance on Sean’s art, (and to great success may I add!) include Zippo, Facebook, Playstation, OCB Rolling Papers/Republic Brands, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Asahi Beer, Gourmet Innovations, Genius Pipe.

You can also find Sean running around the U.S. (and sometimes Australia!) live painting and selling his art at festivals such as: Welcome to Rockville, Louder than Life, Bourbon and Beyond, Sonic Temple, Epicenter, Bonnaroo, Carolina Rebellion, Rock on the Range, Uproar, Identity Fest, Metal Mayhem, Beale Street Music Fest, Download Australia, Rocklahoma, Riot Fest and way too may ComiCons to mention.

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