A new version of the book with illustrations by Sean Dietrich and published by Red23.  
Come along on a very familiar journey with characters that have been with us since our earliest childhood years, and has been a journey children have been taking for over 150 years now! Red23 and Sean Dietrich present ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ featuring 24 new illustrations and a concept sketch gallery, and of course, the original Lewis Carroll manuscript.  Scoop a copy for yourself and copies for all the kiddos in your life, and become the giver of the coolest gifts this season!  

Hardcover Signed Edition - $100

This is a limited edition copy that is signed by Sean Dietrich that comes with a numbered nameplate. There are only 250 available.

Hardcover Edition - $40

This is the standard Hard-copy edition.

Set of All of the original Artwork from the release of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

This is an exclusive release!
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