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MG42 Gunner

MG42 Gunner

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48"x24", Acrylic on Canvas (2012)

Hitler's Buzzsaw, as it was nicknamed, was one of the most terrifying machine guns ever employed in WWII, if not history. The theme of this piece was just to paint my interpretation of an old, famous photo of a solider in firing position with the gun. It's a part of a series of famous machine guns, the other two being the Vickers and Ma-Deuce.

There's many stories of this gun's use in WWII, but none so haunting and terrifying than what Heinrich Severloh “The Beast of Omaha” did on D-Day.

All Canvas, Wood & Brushed Metal printed pieces are numbered limited quantities of 50.

11”x17” Poster prints are numbered limited quantities of 1000.