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The Birth of Flight pt 5

The Birth of Flight pt 5

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24"x48", Acrylic on Canvas (2012)

Da Vinci's glider flying high over the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy. Nothing says the 'birth' of flight then the inventive mind and drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. To this day he remains one of the most well accomplished and mysterious humans in the world, who's work is that of a true master. When I was working on the Birth of Flight series, I kept going forward until I hit WWII, which seemed to want to blend into my pin up work, so I thought about what dreams of flight came to man before the Wright Bros first took to the sky at Kitty Hawk. Da Vinci's flying machines were just the ticket.

For more info on the amazing building featured in this piece, check it. 

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