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The Birth of Flight pt 3

The Birth of Flight pt 3

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36"x48", Acrylic on Canvas (2011)

Ahh the Zeppelin! Not the band, though one of my all time favs, but the airship that innovated travel and terrorized the skies during WWI. One of the cool stories from the past has to do with a photo of a dirigible docking to the Empire State Building. The photo (linked below with story) is a fake, but the short story goes, that the mayor of New York used the guise of economic investment to hide the fact that New York just wanted bragging rights to the tallest building in the world. In honor of the story I created this piece, and also added a view of it from the 1920's tenements which have always fascinated me. From what I was taught in history class to reading Will Eisner's classic books about life during the depression, the way of life in those overcrowded slums has been an inspiration for much of my early comic work.

For the complete story on the airship vs. the Empire State Building, check it. 

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