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The Birth of Flight pt 2

The Birth of Flight pt 2

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24"x36", Acrylic on Canvas (2011)

Flight was in its infancy during the outbreak of WWI, and I tried to portray this by showing the little boy riding on the most primitive flying device (balloon), and hand dropping bombs as they did in WWI, his copilot a doll. This painting was painted at the now close Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills. This was the second event I live painted at for the legendary Happenin' Harry, and this particular night was to honor the late Mike Starr. Members of his family were there and the guest bands played extensive cover sets in honor of Mike. I think this was the same day I live painted on the legendary Skid Row in L.A. at a father's day event, so from the bottom of life itself to the clubs of Beverly Hills, goes to show how fast I was moving back in those days to spread my art.

Now go read more about Skid Row here. 

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