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The Birth of Flight pt 1

The Birth of Flight pt 1

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36"x48", Acrylic on Canvas (2011)

The first in this multiple part series was created for the Oceanside Museum of Art's Steampunk show. The concept is a simple one, just someone trying to convey a flying machine at the turn of the century. Flanking the gear and the balloon are the looming smokestacks of the Industrial Revolution, and below, a crumbling church, a statement as to the switch of the power base in America from religion to industry. Stepping away from my Bob Ross roots, this was the first time I used the technique of applying water on the painting and wiping it away to give it an antiquated look, specifically in the cloud work. This technique, which isn't anything earth shattering, is now used quite extensively in my art. For more info on Bob Ross, log onto Netflix, the Joy of Painting is available for your viewing and listening pleasure!

For more information on the Second Industrial Revolution in America, check this out!

All Canvas, Wood & Brushed Metal printed pieces are numbered limited quantities of 50.

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