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Sexy American

Sexy American

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36"x48", Acrylic on Canvas (2012)

What can I say, there’s nothing sexier than the most beautiful comfort foods, dripping with gravy and sauce, freshly cooked with mounds and mounds of meat...being shoved down a naked fat man’s throat while the ‘other end’ of the digestive tract spews out a brown, Spiderman like safety net to help suspend him in the air. Our obsession with fast food in this nation, and the restaurants even weirder attempt at offering ‘lighter’ and ‘healthier’ options of the same destructive cuisine, has hit an all time high. Competitive eating shows like ‘Man vs. Food’ and restaurants like the Heart Attack Grill have glorified overeating and gluttony, but hey, what's the fastest way to an American's heart attack? Through it's stomach of course!! AND—if you know of any Vegan restaurant that want to hang this baby up with a sign that says “Eat Here or Look Like This”, send them my way!

Go check out the intro video for the Heart Attack Grill.