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Maximilian at the Zoo

Maximilian at the Zoo

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24"x48", Acrylic on Wood (2013)

So on June 11, 2012 my son Maximilian was born and I knew instantly that I wanted to do a series of paintings to commemorate some of the events in his life, be it momentous or just day to day activities that spawned a cool painting idea. The first in the series, is this, Maximilian at the Zoo, a look at Max's first trip to the San Diego Zoo at age 6 months. I turned it into a sci-fy type painting of a cyclops baby looking at the animals that Max responded to the most. The painting now hangs in the hallway of my house, causing Maximilian to throw a fit if I tell him that the one eyed boy is him. Hopefully later in life he gets the comedy.

Here's a little info on Maximilian, the killer robot from the Black Hole movie

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