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Hastings Mermaids

Hastings Mermaids

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108”x48” Triptych, Acrylic on Canvas (2013)

Part historical painting, part poke at my family history, Hastings Mermaids features the WWI U-Boat, number 118 washed ashore in 1919 after sinking only 2 vessels in its short service. The mermaids, representing the British and German sides of the war, and also the two distinct halves of my family history, are ready to lob torpedoes and drop depth charges on each other. The Red Baron shoots down a Sopwith Camel in the skies above the wore torn ocean. Underneath the waves, Mark VI underwater mines float quietly before they unleash their hell on any ship that touches them.

For more info on the spectacle the washed up U-boat was to the town of Hastings 

Triptych - 3 canvases make up this massive image