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Fear and Loathing in San Francisco

Fear and Loathing in San Francisco

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24"x48", Acrylic on Wood Panel (2013)

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but during this Gordon/Dietrich collab I left a part of my soul as I fell ill for 6 weeks and grew a softball sized cyst on my back soon after completing this bastard. 18 hours a day I would just lay in pain on my couch, watching as I could barely hold my new born son, and gnash my teeth at the medical industry for not being able to get their asses on board with scooping this shit out of my back. After many brutal rounds on the phone, the hospital fell to my wife's relentless attacks and got me in to remove this demon cyst. Oh, and yeah, this painting is about San Francisco—notice all the 'bears'?! Featuring some of the finest in parody of famous bears such as Fozzy smoking crack in the Tenderloin district, the California bear about to get cleaned out, a Grateful Dead bear being eviscerated by Hunter S. Thompson himself, and many more!

For a great rendition of the great Tony Bennett singing I Left My Heart in San Francisco, head on over here! 

All Canvas, Wood & Brushed Metal printed pieces are numbered limited quantities of 50.

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