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Fear and Loathing in Denver

Fear and Loathing in Denver

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24"x48" Acryic on Wood Panel (2013)

Ahh Cannabis! Seems to be the talk of the town right now, especially in Colorado, but at the time of this painting it was merely a medical item in the state. This is the 2nd Fear and Loathing Across America piece that Vincent Gordon and myself released, and was painted at the last medical cannabis cup in Denver—the next year it was legalized. It was first conceived at home, shipped to Denver, and live painted at the Snoop Dogg pre- cup show, after about a half an hour of trying to get the packaging open and the painting out (whiskey might have been involved!). The piece was then painted at the actual High Time Cannabis Cup, feeding off of the energy of the crowd, which was not limited to, the silhouette of a man at the bottom of the gold cup—a tribute to a guy who dabbed too much that day causing him to faint in the middle of buying art. His friends took him away, but he returned the next day to finish his purchase, earning him a spot in the painting. You just never know how you'll end up in a Gordon/Dietrich original!

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