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B-17 Girl

B-17 Girl

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24" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas (2013)

If any of you have ever watched Bob Ross paint his landscapes on television, hypnotizing us with his calm voice, you’ll have heard him talk about ‘Happy Accidents’, things that happen unintentionally while painting but fall into place and seem to work. When I started work on this piece the intention was to draw a pin up looking down a bomb site, giving the thumbs up to reign hell down on the enemy. After I sketched out the bomber I realized that I drew it too low on the board, and had no burning desire to redraw it. After kicking around the ideas in my head as to what to do with the piece, the idea of all of the bombs spinning to form the image of the pin up came into play. I love it much more than the original concept, and the painting has gone on to be one of my best sellers!

Jump on over here to the wiki page on forced perspective to get a learnin' as to the technique I used on the bombs.

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