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Tea Time is Over

Tea Time is Over

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18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas (2016)

It's time for Absinthe!! The Mad Hatter is tired of tea and so it's time, with the waning sunlight of an afternoon of tea, to head into the glowing night and allow the green fairys to take control with their magical elixir! This piece was the design for the Hatter so I would know how to paint him in the final piece The Mad Hatter's Absinthe Party (available in the store as well as a three piece print!). Suger Cube is the other piece that shows how Alice was to be painted.

Here's a great site to find just the right top hat to wear to the party! 

All Canvas, Wood & Brushed Metal printed pieces are numbered limited quantities of 50.

11”x17” Poster prints are numbered limited quantities of 1000.