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Prone To Victory

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*Receive a signed copy of Sean Dietrich's art book with a sketch inside, when you purchase a 2@24"x32" or 2@36"x48" on Canvas, Wood or Metal of "Prone to Victory"!*

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Welcome to the latest and greatest in a long line of WWII inspired pieces. This is a very special, very unique piece in that it was commissioned by the grandson of a WWII vet who fought his way from Normandy to Berlin, and lived to tell the tale. The piece was live streamed on Twitch, and viewers got to watch all 125 hours and 11 weeks of its production.

Dietrich notes: “This was a very special piece for me in that not only was the most complex piece I've worked on, but the piece evolved and changed as I progressed. Where there may have been certain color choices in the beginning, it changed as a particular section was completed, sometimes changing the mood or pace of the piece—and viewers on Twitch were there for the whole ride! It was also nice to get live feedback on the piece as I was working on it, and to be able to talk through the whole process worked as a teaching tool to the aspiring artists that were watching. Overall it was the most fun I've had working on a painting to date. Gonna be tough to top it!”

The places featured in the painting take us from the shores of Normandy to the brutal battle of St. Lo, to the hedgerows of Europe, and finally to Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The painting itself is a visually twisted look at WWII as seen through the eyes of a surrealist. “The concept of honoring this WWII vet was a daunting one, in that I didn't want to just paint a dreary WWII piece with some specific locations etc., but to find a way to create it in such a way as to bring in my own style, mixed with how trippy it must have felt to be in this war, thus the idea of animalizing all of the vehicles and weaponry was born. From MG42 mosquitos, to Higgins Landing Craft whales, everything was twisted into something that I felt told the story, but pushed it into a very different place visually”, Dietrich recalls.

Overall 'Prone to Victory' is a very unique painting that pushed Dietrich into a new area of complexity and storytelling, in order to honor 'Prone' Jackson, a WWII vet who fought through the madness of Nazi occupied Europe in order so that all of these years later, Sean Dietrich is able to freely paint what he wants, when he wants it.  Cheers!!