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Wizard of OZ

Wizard of OZ

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 36"x48", Acrylic on Canvas (2015) 

If there was ever a piece I painted that offered the widest range of fans, this would be the one. OZ is a classic, and when a grandmother and her granddaughter comes up to the painting and I can see the generations bridged through this wonderful tale that L. Frank Baum released over 100 years ago. I even had the pleasure of meeting his great-great-granddaughter at a rock show where the painting was displayed. “Family approval”, she said, and it was one of the coolest moments in my art career. The piece was originally intended for release through IDW comics as a preview for an OZ project I was to work on, but alas, as it usually does in the sloooooow world of comics, it didn’t come to fruition, so ol’ Sean Dietrich took matters into my own hands and released it as a gorgeous print. It now holds the record as the print of mine that has sold out it’s 1000 print run the fastest. Lastly, if you’ve seen my tour mobile (C class motorhome) you’ll know it’s painted up with a full OZ mural on the side, and I had the pleasure of taking it to the OZ museum up in Wamego, Kansas (of course!). The museum is a real treat, just off the I-70, and well worth the stop. You’ll see an original, signed 1st edition of the book itself, as well as thousands of other items related to this timeless piece.

Here’s the link to the OZ Museum site.