The Committing of Ol Kai Martin

The Committing of Ol Kai Martin

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18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas (2017)

The Committing of Ol' Kai Martin: Once there was an artist who was terrified of spiders. That artist ended up touring with me for the last few years, and as I'm inspired by the world aroud me, why not put out a multitude of spider artwork to help him with his phobia or terrorize him daily! Either way, I have prints to sell:) The character in the pic is actually the mascot for Committed Comics, and this piece was painted for our 2017 appearance at the San Diego Comic Con. I decided to blend the two ideas of a mentally derranged person and Kai's spider phobia into one piece, and of course throw some large quantities of pink in for good measure.

Annnnd of course mother nature doesn't disappoint with some actual pink spiders.