New Art

Four new paintings to kick off the Summer Tour!  Available for order in the STORE section as a poster, canvas, wood, or metal print.  Descriptions of each painting are below the images.  Cheers and I'll see you on the road!!
Ma Deuce
MA DEUCE-- This one has been a long time coming but is finally here!  It was started a few years ago, but I screwed up the bullets and didn't feel like painting them--oops!  So, after painting a bunch of more 'trippy' paintings last year, I'm back to my pin ups and 'Ma Deuce' is the first of many that are on the way.  This is also the 3rd painting featuring my spokeswoman Vera who graced the 'Grindrod' and 'We'll Meet Again' paintings.  For direct ordering of this print click here:

FEAR AND LOATHING IN BROOKLYN -- Another Sean Dietrich/Vincent Gordon collaboration in their 'Fear and Loathing Across America' series is here!  To compliment the Manhattan piece from last year, Brooklyn was the next in the New York series commissioned by the one and only 'Bong Appetite' tv show creator Jason Pinsky!  There's so much going on in this one, make sure to enlarge and search out all of the f'ked up stuff gracing the canvas.  For direct ordering of poster prints click here:
Corpus Octopoda
CORPUS OCTOPODA - A painting I painted live at the CHAMPS tradeshow in Vegas 2016, this 2'x 4' painting was completed start to finish in 6 hours.  It was definitely a reminder of my roots as a nightclub live painter in the early 2000's when most of my art was finished in that amount of time or less.  The idea was just to come up with something cool looking in the shortest amount of time with the girl being controlled by the octopus, but as we can see it is a mechanical octopus, so the plot thickens:). The negative space in between the tentacles creates her body, as does the space between the seaweed creates her arm.    Direct order for prints of this piece can be found here:
Drug Slug
'DRUG SLUG'--This wonderfully twisted piece I painted live at the 2016 Lockn' Fest in steamy Virginia.  Over the four day show headlined by Phish and Ween, I painted this live although it had to be between the hours of 8pm and 5am in order to avoid my paint drying immediatly under the brutal Virginia summer sun.  The concept was simple--"which way will your trip take you?"  I basically just put together images that I thought the hippy crowd would like and threw in a demon so I'd have fun painting it:)  Hope you enjoy!